APR Motorsport Crew

Gary Berecek

Gary Berecek
About Gary Berecek
Position Race Technician
Birth Place Youngstown, OH
Residence Pittsburgh, PA
Family Single
Responsibilities Car Technician, Front Jack
Intrests Hunting, Fishing, and all things engineering (particularly motorsports)
Daily Driver GMC Sierra 1500
Favorite Car Owned My truck, I love it!
Coke or Pepsi Coffee
Favorite Magazine Racecar Engineering
Last Book Read Flat Out, Flat Broke Formula One the Hard Way, Perry McCarthy
Goals 1. Win races 2. Professional Engineer's License 3. Private Pilot's Certificate 4. Finish all those 'unfinished' projects around the house.

Josh Christy

Josh Christy
About Josh Christy
Position Race Technician

Paul DeVore

Paul DeVore
About Paul DeVore
Position Lead Technician/Car Chief #171
Birth Place Wichita, KS
Residence Auburn, Al
Family Married (Leigh), Son (Thomas), Daughter (Campbell)
Responsibilities #1 Jack, Car Chief
Intrests Cars!, Boating and Watersports
Daily Driver B5 Audi A4 1.8t quattro
Favorite Car Owned B5 Audi A4 1.8t quattro
Coke or Pepsi Malted Hops
Favorite Magazine Grassroots Motorsports
Last Book Read Excellence was Expected - by Karl Ludvigson
Goals Win races and enjoy life!

Chas Gorton

Chas Gorton
About Chas Gorton
Position General Specialist/Technician Car #181
Birth Place San Jose, CA
Residence Auburn, AL
Responsibilities Electronics Specialist, Technician, Tire Changer
Intrests Motorsports (Obviously!)
Daily Driver FD3S RX7 (Single Turbo)
Favorite Car Owned B5 Audi A4 1.8t quattro
Coke or Pepsi Blue Monster
Favorite Magazine Racecar Engineering
Last Book Read I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - by Tucker Max
Goals Be a part of the 24hrs of LeMans

Chad Lee Patrick Jernigan

Chad Lee Patrick Jernigan
About Chad Lee Patrick Jernigan
Position Race Technician
Birth Place Anchorage, Alaska
Residence Cookeville, Tennessee and Tok, Alaska
Family Parents Michael Jernigan and Linda Worner reside in Alaska.
Responsibilities General technician. Wax on, wax off, followed by lots "Chad, do this and do that!"
Intrests Racing my own car. Engine management and custom turbo setups. Photography.
Daily Driver '99 Turbo Miata
Favorite Car Owned '99 Turbo Miata, though I loved my '81 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with the Diesel engine.
Coke or Pepsi Grew up with Pepsi in hand until I came south. Now it's Coke for life.

Jeff Mishtawy

Jeff Mishtawy
About Jeff Mishtawy
Position Crew Chief
Birth Place Wheeling, WV
Residence Auburn, Al
Family Engaged (Heather)
Responsibilities Race Strategist, Crew Chief
Intrests Cycling (Hardcore roadie), F1, MotoGP, Motorcycle track time
Daily Driver Suzuki GSXR 600
Favorite Car Owned Toyota Supra
Coke or Pepsi Yes
Favorite Magazine Magazine: Racecar Engineering, Race Tech
Last Book Read Kill Your Friends - by John Niven
Goals A KONI Championship, a Rolex 24 win, and a LeMans win

John "The Murph" Murphy

About John "The Murph" Murphy
Position Equipment Specialist
Birth Place Cleveland, OH
Residence Rochester, NY
Responsibilities Equipment Logistics Management, Lead Fueler
Intrests Motorsports, Cycling, Water boarding, Frothy Pints
Daily Driver Land Rover Disco II/GS500
Favorite Car Owned B5 A4
Coke or Pepsi Redbull

Shannon D Powell

Shannon D Powell
About Shannon D Powell
Position Race Technician
Birth Place Camanche, IA
Residence Marion, IA
Family 2 kids and My Fiancee has a daughter as well
Responsibilities What ever the boss man tells me to do.
Intrests Well my car of course, track events, golf, paintball, and women
Daily Driver 93 BMW 325i summertime and 92 Ford Exploder winter time
Favorite Car Owned 1982 Pontiac Phoenix. j/k 89 BMW 325i
Coke or Pepsi Either as long as it has Captain Morgan in it

Wade Powell

Wade Powell
About Wade Powell
Position Car Chief #181
Birth Place Iowa
Residence Rockford, IL
Family Wife Melissa, Sons- Alec, Peyton and Carson
Responsibilities Watching Chas work – 181 Car Chief
Intrests Coaching my Sons baseball team, Brewing Beer and Wine, Hanging with the Family
Daily Driver Audi A6 2.7T
Favorite Car Owned BMW 540i6
Coke or Pepsi Guinness

Jeff Sorge

Jeff Sorge
About Jeff Sorge
Position Team Coordinator
Birth Place Florida
Residence Columbus, Ohio
Family All live in Sebring
Responsibilities Crew Chiefs Servant
Intrests cycling, diving, and free vacations
Daily Driver BMW X3
Favorite Car Owned Porsche 911
Coke or Pepsi Dr Pepper

Andrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker
About Andrew Tucker
Position Race Technician
Birth Place Mobile, Al
Residence Atlanta, Ga
Family Parents, Joe and Ronnie Tucker, Brothers, Brian Brad and Braxton
Responsibilities Car #171 Race Car Technician and Pit Stop Fueling
Intrests Drumming and Racing in the TDI Cup
Daily Driver 1985 Mercedes 300$D Panzerwagon, 1986 Porsche 951
Favorite Car Owned 1987 Porsche 911 Slantnose Cabrio
Coke or Pepsi Skotch

Mark Youngblood

Mark Youngblood
About Mark Youngblood
Position Hospitality
Birth Place New Hampshire
Residence Nomadic
Family Nah...
Responsibilities Hospitality and Bus Driver (non yellow)
Intrests Concterts, Drumming.
Daily Driver '99 Saturn Wagon.
Favorite Car Owned Renault
Coke or Pepsi Seltzer Water

Arin Ahnell

Arin Ahnell
About Arin Ahnell
Position Photographer/Webmaster
Birth Place Selinsgrove, PA
Residence Auburn, AL
Family Mother and Father live in PA, Sister lives in CA.
Responsibilities Photography, Web Development, Online Media Distribution
Intrests Cars, Photography, Paintball
Daily Driver MKV GTI
Favorite Car Owned MKV GTI
Coke or Pepsi Makers and Diet Coke

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